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Cast and Blast

Like to hunt and fish? Have you ever dealt with the age old delema of whether to hunt or fish today? Why not both? With multiple seasons starting in September and ending in January allows the West Virginia Experience to take advantage of our water fowl resources. Float a remote stretch of mountain streams or river casting for a variety of species fish while blasting waterfowl along the way.

*Depending on the time of year and water flow we  cover between 12 to 25 miles of river.

*All dates and regulations are federally mandated and each offer unique opportunities.

*Visit the West Virginia DNR website for up to date Regulations and Season Dates.

$500 for 1 person $700 for 2 people

All Trips Include:

  • Lunch

  • Snacks

  • Fishing Gear (you must provide your own fire arm and ammo)

  • 12-25 miles of scenic West Virginia waters

  • A local and knowledgeable guide

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Cast and Blast Season                                                 


September Early Seasons

(Geese Only)



October Seasons           

(Duck and Geese)


November Season                               

(Duck and Geese)                                    

December Seasons                                  

(Duck and Geese)                                     

January Season                                         

(Duck and Geese)                                     

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